Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I wrote this poem in college several years ago. It was featured in Kudzu, a collection of literary works written by students in the Kentucky Community and Technical College system. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Red ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Life surges along/ Beating a path up and down through my veins/ A bleeding, ripped-open wound/ Alerts me to life, and life is/ Dripping from its damaged lip/ Life is red, and blue sometimes/ Surging in rivulets out of pain/ A crimson blur of glistening jewels/ Is life/ To some the sight/ Of life brings a light head/ And cold, clammy hands/ Comforted by The Red Cross nurse/ Who will gladly/ Pierce you, piercing the glowing skin/ To touch the rivers of life inside/ And draw from them/ A bit of cardinal-colored dew/ An ounce of raw life that is eagerly awaited/ By another pulse, thirsty and parched for life/ Glad to drink deeply of your heart’s pride and joy/ Life is red, and fluid/ And flowed out/ From two feet and/ Two hands/ And a hole in the side/ Of a Man. Life/ Poured from his body onto my heart/ Life/ Sometimes painful, horrifying/ But always/ Inconceivably beautiful

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