Monday, February 8, 2010

Challenge, Day 20: venting and musing

I just finished filling out one of those annoying long forms. You know the type - you begin with simple information like your name and address and you think "this will be quick and easy, I know all this stuff", and then things start to get hairy. It asks for the telephone number of your employer from eight years ago, the one that moved twelve times, changed its name twice, and then went bankrupt. Then it wants to know the exact date you began to shave your armpits, your father's uncle's social security number, how many kittens the family cat had in the last litter and the eye color of each, and a whole bunch of other questions that require you to spring up from your seat every five minutes in search of some new particle of information on some obscure piece of paper tucked into some forgotten filing cabinet in your closet. You caught me: I'm exaggerating. But isn't that how it feels sometimes? Instead of sitting down, concentrating, and banging it out, one silly form turns into 45 minutes that you could have spent doing something useful, or wasteful, or just something ELSE! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, how was your day? Actually, long boring form aside, I had a great day! I got up and got to work out which always makes me feel good. I also had a productive and very low-stress afternoon at work. I'm blessed by my good Father in heaven! He has answered so many little prayers sent up each day. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On a completely different vein, is anyone else out there a fan of audiobooks? I love them! I've got several loaded on my mp3 player right now, including: "Agnes Grey" (Anne Bronte), "Sense and Sensibility" (Jane Austen), "An Old-Fashioned Girl" (Louisa M. Alcott), and "Persuasion" (Jane Austen). Of those I'd say "Persuasion" and "An Old-Fashioned Girl" are my two favorites.


Karen Lange said...

Dislike those forms immensely.

Was just wondering who got you started on audiobooks? :)

Becky Lange said...

Hah, bet you dislike them even more when I'm sitting one desk over pestering you for information so I can fill them out without having to look things up for myself! :-D