Friday, February 5, 2010

Challenge, Day 17: Walmart

I went to Walmart after work today...along with every else from town. Actually to be fair, while it was somewhat crowded, it wasn't obnoxiously so and checkout was actually fast! I thought I might have to stand in line behind a guy with a neon yellow jacket for a little while, but thankfully the line right beside us opened up and I whipped through in record time. I'm thankful for little blessings like that! Walmart (or rather, Super Walmart) often overwhelms me because they have so many different types of things. I can buy yogurt, socks, an mp3 player, and hand lotion all in the same place. While this is very convenient, it is also intimidating! I've gone into Walmart and entered "duhhhh" mode - having a loose list of things I need to buy, and constantly having to think "what else did I need?". I have to make sure I already have a clear idea of what I need to buy, rather than having to constantly think, "what else have I been needing that I could get while I'm here?" There's so much power, and so much risk! Power, because I can potentially buy all the miscellaneous things that have been accumulating on my "need" list, and risk, because I could overspend if I don't shop with sagacity. Do I over think this? What is your Walmart experience?-------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will also praise God for a good day at work - everything went smoothly, and I had several prayers answered. Thank you Lord!

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