Saturday, June 27, 2009


I've taken two personality type assessments in the past couple of weeks. It is so interesting to me to answer the questions and see what they say I am. So far the results have been fairly accurate with what I think I am like. I think one said that my "type" is very suited to secretarial and such jobs. Good thing, because that is just what I am! And I LOVE structure --- I love to be handed a list and told "do this", and I am somewhat uncomfortable being in authority positions. I like planning ahead and I create very strong attachments and am loyal to people I have developed relationships with. I'm not the belle of the ball at every function, but I love being the center of attention with my closer friends. I am pretty introverted and private and often crave alone-time, but on the flip side I often crave meaningful social activity also. It's so tempting to try to put myself in a box - to say "This is what I am, I am exactly this type", but the more I think about it the more frustrated I become. I'm not sure what drives me to want to label everything about myself, but I have come to the tentative conclusion on several occasions that I do not (and probably no-one does!) fit into any one category exactly. It's ok that I'm both introverted and social. It's not impossible that I like to be in charge of certain things and despise being in authority in other situations. I'm a real person, not a perfect case study. I will never completely figure myself out, and that's going to have to be ok. It is strange to me, but now that I am in my early twenties I am learning so much about myself. It is almost as if I had some sort of mask on in my teen years, and now that I am twenty-three I am really learning who I am, what motivates me, and what things often cause me to take actions I'll regret later. I see so much lacking in myself. I suppose I have always tended to have a mentality that I must have certain things in order before I get to point B. I now realize that sometimes point B will come whether I'm "ready" or not, and it's OK to grow and work out kinks once I'm there. Not with everything, but with some things. Being twenty three is kind of like being sixteen but having a lot more insight on life. Have I mentioned yet that I sometimes stomp all over an issue and turn it inside out but have a hard time formulating a conclusion? Guess you noticed this is one of those times. Best to all

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day!

Happy Father's day to all you people out there! Today we kids treated Pop to lunch (ok so technically I haven't treated him yet because I have yet to hand over my cut...there's still time though!) and my younger-older (he's older than myself but younger than my oldest brother. I know - confusing!)Dave is coming over later for steaks as sort of a Father's Day encore meal. It is HOT today. I am thankful for central AC - at our house in Jersey we had just one little window air conditioner. It was great for the living part of the house, but all the bedrooms were on the second floor and we had to rely on box fans stuck in the windows for relief from the heat and humidity. It was like walking into an oven when you went upstairs to bed at night. No fun. At all. None. The Shelby County Fair is going on again. I have yet to actually go to it in all my five Kentucky years. I've heard mixed reports; most people say it's not as exciting as you'd think, some even warned of creepy people hanging around there. Maybe I'll go this year just to clear up the fog of mystery :-). I am going to enter a few pieces of art this year, so if you check out the entries in Floral Hall be sure to look for them! I'd love to say "be sure to look for the giant blue ribbons and you'll see my entries" but that's pushing it. I would LOVE to win something, but I have a dreadful mixture of pride and self-doubt that keeps me from really flaunting anything. I've always had the idea that if I don't think I can blow the competition away I don't even want to try. Childish, isn't it? Time to grow out of that mindset I think. Yesterday I was able to meet a dear old friend for coffee. I hadn't seen her over a year and it was so nice to sit down and have an good old-fashioned gab. I didn't know she was coming to town until yesterday morning, so it was sort of a double treat: a surprise and a nice visit! Till next time people!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The weekend again?! All right!

I can hardly believe tomorrow is Saturday again! I mean, I'm happy about it, but it seems like I JUST wrote that last post... Ah well, get over it, eh? Today I took advantage of my "optional" work day (Fridays are my don't-have-to-work-unless-I-want-to day - gotta love my boss!!!). I actually slept in a little, went to work for a few hours, and then spent some time with friends this evening. Fun times. When I left work I needed to stop at the bank, and the bank is pretty much in the same parking lot with Dairy Queen, and I was terribly famished, and DQ just happens to have the scrumptious combo of french fries and white gravy, so... I kinda had to get some. Needless to say it hit the spot. Not sure which spot it hit, but I'm sure I'll notice if I start making a habit of fries and gravy consumption...

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Today was a busy day! I took advantage of the opportunity to sleep in till 9 (truly I could've slept in till 12 but I can't handle THAT big of a deviation from my normal schedule), got a couple things done at home, then went and jogged at the park. The weather was really nice today, although while jogging it felt at least 90 in the sun. Later in the afternoon my friend Alisha and I went fair-hopping: we took in the art/craft fair at the Masonic home in Shelbyville (see the cute little silver ring I bought there), took a pit stop at DQ for ice cream, then headed to Frankfort for the big fair/expo thing at the expo center. It was kinda neat - a bazillion vendors (at least) were there selling the usual purses, sunglasses, clothes, jewelry, food, etc. They also had some small carnival rides. The only one that didn't look like it would induce dizziness and/or vomiting, or that wasn't for people less than three feet tall, was the Ferris wheel so we went on that. It was my first Ferris wheel ride in a loooooong time (maybe ever, I don't even remember), and it was nice. We ran into a few friends and got our caricatures drawn, which I've always wanted to do! Finally I left Alisha with a mutual friend and headed home. Phew! The weekends fly by so quickly these days. I'm trying to learn to live in each moment instead of just quickly passing them by to get to the next. Where I'm at right now, I stress over things that will be in tomorrow instead of being in a place of peace today. God is very good to me, and surely I will progress in that area. He was gracious to get me back to route 60 today to get home from Frankfort (after a short "lost" period), surely He can be my power to overcome the daily stresses! I'm looking forward to a nice long Sunday afternoon tomorrow, to relax and spend some good prayer/reading time and just breathe.