Saturday, June 26, 2010


dozing/ waking/ brushing/ dressing/ driving/ walking/ riding/ eating/ riding/ driving/ resting/ ending my day./ good day to you.

Friday, June 18, 2010


The watery light gave way/ and the cool-warm night grabbed my hand/ a firefly glowed for a second/ and a soft bit of air slipped past,/ bearing all the memories and hopes of the darkness in summertime.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Those Nights

I'm craving one of those nights...when the dark is lit up by a cricket's song, and the breeze is pushed past by a breath of humidity...and you're sitting next to your best friend, just being.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cherry Cobbler

Today my boss offered me a bag full of cherries she'd picked over the weekend. Knowing that I have never dealt with fresh cherries in cooking, I decided to accept the bag and go home and be adventurous. FYI: Pitting a large zip-top bag full of cherries takes a while. I did feel pretty clever by using a paperclip to deftly (I'm stretching it here...I did get into a rhythm but "deft" may not be the right word...) scoop out the pits. I found that technique in an online search, and it worked great! Unfortunately there were a handful of cherries that were bad (little bugs and brownish stuff inside them). Being a cherry novice, I didn't conclude that the brownish stuff was unfit for consumption until about half-way through the batch. Here (being the conscientious cook that I am) I considered just letting any that were yucky that had already passed through my hands stay, and just chuck any others I found as I continued pitting them... but I didn't. I picked over every single cherry and discarded the brownish buggy ones and at long last was DONE pitting cherries! I had previously found a recipe for a cherry cobbler online and so fell to work making it happen. It ended up I had over twice as many cherries as I needed so I made two cobblers with the idea of giving some away if they turn out well. I have just removed them from the oven - I hope they are tasty, because I had a good time making them!