Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day!

Happy Father's day to all you people out there! Today we kids treated Pop to lunch (ok so technically I haven't treated him yet because I have yet to hand over my cut...there's still time though!) and my younger-older (he's older than myself but younger than my oldest brother. I know - confusing!)Dave is coming over later for steaks as sort of a Father's Day encore meal. It is HOT today. I am thankful for central AC - at our house in Jersey we had just one little window air conditioner. It was great for the living part of the house, but all the bedrooms were on the second floor and we had to rely on box fans stuck in the windows for relief from the heat and humidity. It was like walking into an oven when you went upstairs to bed at night. No fun. At all. None. The Shelby County Fair is going on again. I have yet to actually go to it in all my five Kentucky years. I've heard mixed reports; most people say it's not as exciting as you'd think, some even warned of creepy people hanging around there. Maybe I'll go this year just to clear up the fog of mystery :-). I am going to enter a few pieces of art this year, so if you check out the entries in Floral Hall be sure to look for them! I'd love to say "be sure to look for the giant blue ribbons and you'll see my entries" but that's pushing it. I would LOVE to win something, but I have a dreadful mixture of pride and self-doubt that keeps me from really flaunting anything. I've always had the idea that if I don't think I can blow the competition away I don't even want to try. Childish, isn't it? Time to grow out of that mindset I think. Yesterday I was able to meet a dear old friend for coffee. I hadn't seen her over a year and it was so nice to sit down and have an good old-fashioned gab. I didn't know she was coming to town until yesterday morning, so it was sort of a double treat: a surprise and a nice visit! Till next time people!

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Jeanne said...

Yes---the Fair can be kind of skanky, kind of fun, but either way you go, its an experience!! I think the people watching might be my favorite part!!

I might have to check out Floral Hall just to see your work!! How exciting!! Good Luck!