Saturday, June 6, 2009


Today was a busy day! I took advantage of the opportunity to sleep in till 9 (truly I could've slept in till 12 but I can't handle THAT big of a deviation from my normal schedule), got a couple things done at home, then went and jogged at the park. The weather was really nice today, although while jogging it felt at least 90 in the sun. Later in the afternoon my friend Alisha and I went fair-hopping: we took in the art/craft fair at the Masonic home in Shelbyville (see the cute little silver ring I bought there), took a pit stop at DQ for ice cream, then headed to Frankfort for the big fair/expo thing at the expo center. It was kinda neat - a bazillion vendors (at least) were there selling the usual purses, sunglasses, clothes, jewelry, food, etc. They also had some small carnival rides. The only one that didn't look like it would induce dizziness and/or vomiting, or that wasn't for people less than three feet tall, was the Ferris wheel so we went on that. It was my first Ferris wheel ride in a loooooong time (maybe ever, I don't even remember), and it was nice. We ran into a few friends and got our caricatures drawn, which I've always wanted to do! Finally I left Alisha with a mutual friend and headed home. Phew! The weekends fly by so quickly these days. I'm trying to learn to live in each moment instead of just quickly passing them by to get to the next. Where I'm at right now, I stress over things that will be in tomorrow instead of being in a place of peace today. God is very good to me, and surely I will progress in that area. He was gracious to get me back to route 60 today to get home from Frankfort (after a short "lost" period), surely He can be my power to overcome the daily stresses! I'm looking forward to a nice long Sunday afternoon tomorrow, to relax and spend some good prayer/reading time and just breathe.

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