Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another day

Wow, it has already been almost ten days since my last post. I almost started to write a post the other day, but I really didn't feel like I had much of interest to say. I don't really now, either, so I'm not sure what the difference is and why I'm posting today and not the other day. hmmm. This is probably going to sound like an email I'd write to a good friend - long and disconnected and something like mild venting. Anyway... It was a little odd starting the work week on a Tuesday - it sort of jams everything into a smaller space of time. It was nice to have Monday off though - even though on days off I sometimes don't enjoy myself as much as I could because I'm worrying that I'll "waste" my time off. Silly girl! I've kind've gotten into a groove at work -- some of you know that it can get a bit hairy (love ya Renea and Jeanne!!) at times around the office, what with us being a young company and growing so quickly. I've discovered that in order to keep myself from de-railing and having a toxic paperwork spill, I do better to work swiftly and take care of little things as they come up instead of stuffing them in my to-do box to clutter my life later. This goes somewhat against the grain for me, as my friends will tell you that I am more of a slow and steady, ueber-detail oriented type of person. I have not yet perfected this new swiftness (ask the good folks that I work with...), but I look forward to landing on the happy medium. I'm cheering for my friends Abby and Amy these next few weeks - both of them are taking some serious academic tests pretty soon. Hurray for tests being OVER and for getting good grades! Go get 'em, girls!

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Jeanne said...

I hope APT is not overwhelming you! But your 'slow & steady' way is one of the many things we love about you! Your right, a happy medium will come soon and it won't be long we will all be in the groove!