Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Ah, a lovely Sunday afternoon. It's so great to know the whole afternoon stretches before you to fill any way you wish. Today I chose a rather wasteful way to begin the delightful hours - I browsed online clothing stores and didn't buy anything. Whenever I do that I end up wanting more than I can buy, getting this tight feeling in my chest, and leaving the computer feeling frustrated and covetous of more clothing that I technically don't really "need". Next, a more relaxing and beneficial action was to take a meandering walk around the yard. That was nice. I only encountered a handful of pesky Mayflies (thanks to Mom I now have a name for the creatures). I saw some evidence of a possible muskrat around the creek, checked on what I hope are my huckleberry seedlings, and shuffed my way here and there before returning in. A note about the huckleberries: I sowed the seeds in a shady little stand of brush and trees out back last fall. I've never actually seen a huckleberry seedling and so cannot give the little things a positive ID. I'm hopeful that what I'm expecting to be a huckleberry bush won't turn out to be a pesky weed or a boring, normal, tree. I gotta add, the weather is bee-U-T-ful today! A tad cool in the shade, with bright sunshine and a breeze. Everything is green, the dark pink peonies are blooming, and there is water in the creek. Just the way I like the outdoors! BTW - the top picture is of me "drinking in" the peony as Anne Shirley would say. I don't actually like the way they smell, but they are impressive and pretty!

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Karen Lange said...

I actually like the peonies better in the picture than in person. Why is that?