Monday, May 11, 2009

We Need Bats

We need bats. About 180 should do. They eat bugs right? I thought I'd go out back for a walk, relax, pray some, take some pictures of the lovely flora in the setting sun. It was fine at first - then THEY were there. Yep, those stupid long legged, tannish giant mosquito-looking things. I can bravely take a few and even tolerate one flying into my head, so long as he doesn't proceed to bump off my face and then fall down the back of my collar or cling to my jacket. But sheesh - our yard is like the nature preserve for these things! As I flip-flopped my way back to the house, they were everywhere; springing up from the grass and flying through in front of me - menacingly! Yes, I'm getting carried away. No, they weren't actually menacing. But if they were capable of thought they would be thinking spiteful things about me, I know it. I actually had to delete a whole other paragraph I just wrote about the things. I'll move on now. We had a nice Mother's Day around these parts. At least, I thought it was nice, I hope Mom did too. The kids came over for dinner ("kids" meaning my two twenty-something brothers and my sister-in-law, as well as my nephew) and we had a nice time eating and watching Evan (nephew). Watching Evan is one of our favorite pastimes, second to actually playing with him or carrying him around. He's my first nephew and the first grandkid on this side of the family so you can't really blame us.

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