Thursday, May 14, 2009

Grouchy Gone Good

I admit, today didn't start out on the best foot. I was a little cranky this morning when I got moving. Nothing sounded good to pack for lunch, not that I had time to pack it anyway since I got up a little later than usual. So I prayed "Father, help me overcome this attitude. Give me grace..." It's so good to see how God answers my prayers. Once I got into the office and started doing things, my mood lifted some. Next, my dear boss calls and asks if I want to meet her for lunch on her. That was a nice treat, and saved me from going to walmart and buying a frozen meal to reheat for lunch. God has shown His faithfulness even when I don't deserve it in many ways. At work, He goes before me and smooths out bumps and mistakes, so that at times things will work out that even if I've made a mistake, it is not a big deal for one reason or another. That's always a relief. If only I would learn to trust and fully depend on Him, I would spare myself a lot of anxiety! He's also given me a generous and compassionate boss who bears with my bumbles and errors and who is always encouraging me!

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