Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yay Saturday!

There is noise outside. Yuck. I have a particular aversion to loud or persistent noises - I really don't enjoy being in the house while Pop is outside on the mower. He's got a Dixie Chopper zero turn radius (that means big and loud) mower, and we have quite a large yard. There's not really anyplace except the basement that is safe from the noise, since when he's mowing up by the house the noise tends to travel from window to window. Right now he's weed-whacking (I know there's probably a more correct term for that but I like saying it that way). Not so bad as mowing... but today I need to work on overcoming agitation. I realize that I can't just get annoyed when everyone else does not consult me to see what would be convenient or enjoyable to me. I did have a pretty nice morning - since I am finally finished with French 102 (YAH-HOO) I have a delightful sense that my homework is not sitting on my desk tapping its toe while it waits for me to come study. I can just chill or do whatever. I took a walk with my friend Abby today, went for a jog, ran errands, and I even plan to make a carrot cake this afternoon for mother's day. I'm a wild creature aren't I?!

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Karen Lange said...

Hi Beck, The carrot cake is great! Congrats on the new blog:-)