Saturday, June 13, 2009

The weekend again?! All right!

I can hardly believe tomorrow is Saturday again! I mean, I'm happy about it, but it seems like I JUST wrote that last post... Ah well, get over it, eh? Today I took advantage of my "optional" work day (Fridays are my don't-have-to-work-unless-I-want-to day - gotta love my boss!!!). I actually slept in a little, went to work for a few hours, and then spent some time with friends this evening. Fun times. When I left work I needed to stop at the bank, and the bank is pretty much in the same parking lot with Dairy Queen, and I was terribly famished, and DQ just happens to have the scrumptious combo of french fries and white gravy, so... I kinda had to get some. Needless to say it hit the spot. Not sure which spot it hit, but I'm sure I'll notice if I start making a habit of fries and gravy consumption...

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