Sunday, February 14, 2010

Challenge, Day 25

I missed yesterday because I had a packed day! It's OK though, because it was a good day. On Friday night I hung out with my sweet friends Abby and Crystal. Slept in on Saturday (yesterday) and then headed straight out to Middletown (Louisville area) for some shopping. I ended up only getting one of a list of things I needed, but I got to share the trip with another friend which made it fun anyway. After our errands were finished it was straight to Mary (my errand friend)'s house to help her prep for another friend's birthday party. A little while spent in prep, a dash home for some church clothes (the party was a good old fashioned sleep-over!), and back into the action at Mary's house. We spent a really fun evening hanging out, laughing, and eating pizza and ice cream. Up bright and early this morning for french toast, then off to church! After such a full (but fun) Saturday, I was happy to nestle down into my little living room for some relaxation. Now that you know the story, do forgive me for my lapse in daily posts - I did think of it and was hoping to catch a few minutes for a hasty post...but alas, not a minute to spare! This evening is our church's Old Testament Bible study, very interesting so far. And then tomorrow - is Monday already! What a quick weekend it was!

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