Monday, January 25, 2010

Challenge, Day 7

This is a poem I wrote for my English 207 class a couple of years ago. And no, you may not call me a challenge-cheater, because this is my challenge and I make the rules, and if I want to use something I've already written, I just will! :-D. The cool thing about this challenge is that it's not so much about cranking out quantities of writing no matter the quality, but rather getting me thinking about writing. Getting me into it every day. I love it! Anyway, I did write one poem and read over several other older writings of mine before choosing this one to post. Enjoy :)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Yellow and White"------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I remember that kitchen (the one in my memory, you know) / I remember white, and yellow / And lots of doors that could take you places / If you chose: / The backyard, the basement, / The dining room, living room / Bathroom, Grams’ room / All from the kitchen / With bathrobed relatives sitting at the table / The table that could hold scrambled eggs / Or round donuts with cream all the way through them / The round table, the wooden one / It was a breakfast plate, that table / With Grams a'buzzing ‘round it / Secretly trying to make us all fat / With the fatness of her provision and care / The way she showed that she cared / Another table, that little table / With the telephone and maybe a plant / A rocking chair, waiting to be a seat / To sit, to rock, to watch the people eat / Countertops, not a lot / Enough room for a little television / Fridge with fullness of soda and pudding / And sweet things to tempt / Young girls like me / A table, where people would sit / When we visited Grams / When we went to her kitchen / Goodies abounding / Unlimited feast

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