Friday, January 29, 2010

Challenge, Day 11: Flash Fiction Flash-Back

The following is a "flash fiction" story I wrote for my English 207 class. Yes, yes, I'm using something old again. My rules... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Appearance is Everything ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Honey, you’re not wearing that sweater outside?” I interrupted the jesting men. Ken and Brad looked at me with fading smiles. I kept a glazed grin on but my eyes pensively traveled sideways to take in my husband’s attire. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Um, well, yes I was... there’s nothing wrong with this sweater, dear.” Ken was still smiling but the twinkle was gone from his eyes. I sighed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Well, sweetie,” I raced for the words, anything to stop the public eye from watching my husband split wood in the hideous sweater. “I know that your grandma made it for you, and of course it’s very special to you.” The mugs of hot cocoa I held were starting to burn my hands. “But I think you’ve worn it enough, I mean – look - there are holes in it!” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “It’s knitted, darling, all knitting has holes. It’s the nature of the fabric.” Ken cast a pleading glance at Brad. Brad’s eyes darted from Ken to me and back again, grin still in place from sheer willpower. I could almost see his brain working to find the quickest route out of the room. Why couldn’t Ken see how uncomfortable it made things when he wore that sweater? Ken set the ax down and studied the handle long enough to write a research paper on the wood grain of tool handles. Then he looked up. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “I know you are very conscious of looks, pumpkin. And I agree! Of course, who’d want the whole neighborhood to see me outside in an ugly sweater?” His grin had returned but I wasn’t reassured. I choked to gain my footing and my brain raced. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Well, yes, of course! I’m so glad you see it from my-that is-that point of view. I’ve wanted to say something about that sweater for months but didn’t want to hurt your feelings.” Shut up! shut up! shut up!. My brain was screaming. Oh, what are those gears in his head going to crank out next?! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Yes sweetie-pie. Of course I see it that way. You know how considerate I am.” My head snapped up and I could feel my eyes narrowing. Ken flashed his pearly white teeth innocently. “So I know you’ll understand when I, out of consideration for public opinion, mention that the dress you’ve got on makes you look fat!”

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