Saturday, January 23, 2010

Challenge - Day 5

Saturday: 1am. Eyes shut/ Saturday: 8:30 am, alarm/ (Like that's gonna happen)/ Saturday: 10:30 am/ Getting up/ TLC channel & HGTV/ Breakfast - Honeycombs!/ 6th & Main, Caramel Macchiato/ Talk, talk/ Prank/ Treadmill, basketball, talk, talk/ Ms. C's - more talk/ Free hairspray, sweet friend/ Grocery/ Ground Beef/ Caffeine Free Pepsi/ Hamburger buns (10 for 10)/ Thinnest burgers ever, still shrink. Rats./ Yummy/ Wii, 2-year old fun, movie/ Facebook/ Blogging/ G'night./ Wait, spellcheck on Macchiato./ K, G'night.


Karen Lange said...


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Becky -

Busy day! I like Honey Nut Cheerios. :)


Becky Lange said...

Haha - yes, but just a mild prank :-D. Susan - have you tried multi-grain cheerios? They're quite good, and just happen to be healthy, which is why I like them. :-)