Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow, and keep on snowing...

Welcome, Snow! Yes, I understand that snow manages to cripple the well-laid plans of many people, and that it can be hazardous and all that...But have you ever stood in the dark, just listening to the nothingness and looking up at snowflakes falling? You forgive snow in that moment, and it becomes your friend. At least, until you need to go to work and forgot to clean off your car in advance. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today I went sledding for the first time in, oh, I would estimate about 8 or 9 YEARS. Yes that is a long time, much too long! My two brothers, my sister-in-law, and my nephew had a great time this afternoon sledding down my grandma's hill, eating snow (by accident) and pelting one another. I took several in the face. Once I got home from that experience, I decided that while I was layered-up (I had on tights, jeans, and three pairs of socks, not to mention several layers of shirts and a jacket, AND my dad's puffy gloves) I would grab a camera and see what I could do with the loveliness. After so much exertion in the frigid air, perhaps tonight would be a perfect time to get a fire crackling and snuggle down with some hot chocolate and a good book. Winter's good!


Karen Lange said...

Sounds good to me:)

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Becky -

LOL! I'll take the crackling fire, hot chocolate, and the book - but I'll leave the snow for you.

Living on a snow emergency street, I have to get my car onto a side road. One night, this meant getting out of bed, getting dressed, and trekking a couple of blocks because I heard an announcement on TV.

No, I'll definitely pass up the snow.

Susan :)