Friday, January 22, 2010

Challenge, Day 4!

Hello Friday! I'm happy to announce that Friday has meaning again. After quite a while of being without a job (except for working on my jewelry business) I am now employed again, and "the work week" has relevance in my life again. Its amazing how quickly the week passes by - it seems like just yesterday it was Monday, and I was thinking through my little milestones for the week. There's Tuesday, the second day - not much exciting about Tuesday, except that it is one day before Wednesday, the tip of the hill after which the week sort of rolls away. In theory, anyway. Then of course we have Thursday. Sometimes something fun happens after work, other times it's just regular old Thursday. But when it's Thursday, it means that tomorrow is.... Friday! And we all know what Friday means! OK, so broken down these milestones don't seem all that fantastic. But that's the way my brain works, I like to portion out things that loom ahead. When I jog and I'm getting close to the end and just do not want to go any further, I fool my body into going just a little more by giving myself milestones: "Just till I pass that tree" or "Just till I get to that funny looking bush", all the while knowing that truly, I'm going to go until I reach a more distant spot. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------I also compartmentalize my day. I think through hour by hour, planning what I will get done in each hour and how many hours I need before a particular event (such as leaving for work or church). And I'm always compelled to give myself more time than I will probably need. In many ways I'm one of those people that plans to get as much done as possible as far ahead as possible. When I worked in an ice cream parlor, you'd find me scraping down ice cream buckets and washing dishes an hour or more ahead of closing. This backfired sometimes when those pesky last-minute customers came in, but hey, at least I felt efficient. In true human form, I am not always quite so efficient. It took me several years of college to grow into a "let's get this done ASAP" student. Before that I was a dreadful mess of last-minute, shoddy homework. The one who would make the margins wider in order to squeak out the required page minimum for research papers. Yeah, it was pathetic. But even with my merciless drive to work hard on homework or things like that, I do have areas that I'm still quite the procrastinator. Taxes for example. Or cleaning, or things that technically have no or distant deadlines. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------It's a funny thing being human, isn't it? We're sort of like grab bags with all sorts of personality traits thrown into one functioning being. The more I see of life, the more I realize how inaccurate I am when I attempt to put something or someone in a box. To say that I'm a procrastinator is not altogether true, and to say that I'm a workhorse is mostly false also. People are living beings, our personalities are complex and deep - deeper than we ourselves realize. I have this inner motivation to label myself, to "figure out" what or who I am. Why? So that I can rest, having successfully sorted and categorized myself? What then? I don't know - I DON'T KNOW! And that is OK. God knows me inside out. All I gotta do is learn to trust Him, for He will never lead me wrong. My only rest and success are in His will, or, better - to have His will be my own. Oh, how I long to see that more fully! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh! By the way: the picture I've chosen for today is a highlight from the family dinner we enjoyed last night. My brother Dave was making a "tunnel" for my nephew to drive his "motorcycle" through. :-) You gotta love uncles!


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Becky -

Love the pic! Congrats on the new job. Maybe I'm next. :)


Becky Lange said...

Hi Susan! Thanks, I was glad I could capture that moment with a picture. :-) And I'm sure God has something beautiful in His plans for you!