Sunday, December 11, 2011

Who is Our God?

"That was it! It wasn't that I needed the security of a certain amount of money; it was that I needed the security of a relationship. I walked up the crunchy pebblewalk feeling more and more certain that I was on the verge of something exciting....If I were going to give my life as a servant of the King, I had to know that King. What was He like? In what way could I trust Him? In the same way I trusted a set of impersonal laws? Or could I trust Him as a living leader, as a very present commander in battle? The question was central. Because, if He were a King in name only....I would remain a Christian, but I would know that my religion was only a set of principles, excellent and to be followed, but hardly demanding devotion. Suppose on the other hand that I were to discover God to be a Person, in the sense that He communicated and cared and loved and led. That was something quite different. That was the kind of King I would follow into any battle." -Brother Andrew, God's Smuggler

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