Monday, May 10, 2010

A blessed hunger, a fearful contentment

Can you imagine what would happen if only the actual sensation of hunger was removed but our bodies still functioned in the same way? We would walk around feeling satisfied with our bellies, while our bodies wasted away for lack of food. At some point, we'd die. If our hunger for Christ fades, do we walk around with blind, numbed hearts, while our inward person is withering and dying? Sometimes I find myself wishing that certain things would not bother my conscience. If such a wish were granted it would put me into a terrible place of spiritual numbness. To walk through life without the ability to be moved by God and conscience -- to not even be able to see that something is dreadfully wrong with my heart towards the Lord... Lord, keep me ever hungry for You.


Carol J. Alexander said...

Bless you, Becky, for such wise words. May we always practice the presence of God, forever abiding in the vine.
Have a good week,

Becky Lange said...

Thank you, Carol. It has definitely been the Lord that has led me to these conclusions. I praise Him for His tender, patient care.

God bless,


Karen Lange said...

These are wise words, indeed:)