Saturday, July 24, 2010

Green Day

Michigan is the same and not the same as I thought it would be. The area I am in (roughly thirty minutes outside of the Dearborn/Detroit areas) is pretty rural. Many trees, many fields, many small "joints" selling pizza or gasoline on street corners. Yet just a fifteen minute drive brings one to any number of attractions. I'm struck by the amount of shopping available! Yesterday I drove to Canton with the intent of visiting Target and saw a Kohl's on the way. Sidetracked! Kohl's was having great sales, by the way :-). Border's, Target, Kohl's, Old Navy... the list goes on. It's not like one big mall with stores crammed in - they line the road and spread out. We are five minutes from a public park. Sweet. It's huge and has good running paths. Trees, sun, shade, playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, a river... it's really nice. The water table is high here - therefore the grass is green, the trees are green, the weeds are green, the fields are green. Wildflowers spread down the roadside. The dirt looks like Jersey dirt, the woods look like Jersey woods. I'm reminded of my home state in many ways. The pizza is good, there are ice cream or frozen custard stands dotted here and there. I love the grassy fields crossed by flat roads, extending into ... what? Perhaps another farm, maybe a town. Were I laden with many extra hours the temptation would be too great - I would go on an exploring binge and see what I could see. From Michigan, have a sweet day!


Karen Lange said...

We're still working on getting there to share some of that pizza, ice cream and shopping! :)

Becky Lange said...

Come on! :-D