Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hello, week. Hello, snow.

Another Monday come and nearly gone. I'm going to be really cliche and wonder where the time goes... Yesterday morning I woke up to the first snow of winter for us in Kentucky. It was a little flashback to when I was a little kid and got so tickled when the first snowflakes fluttered down in the dark. Some nights I'd kneel by the window of my room, face close to the cold windowpane, and stare out at the snow. I felt so safe and snug and happy. Sometimes from downstairs Pop would flick on the flood lights over the driveway for a few minutes, illuminating the thousands of little white pieces. When I was ready to go back to bed, I could nestle back under the covers and lift my eyes up and see out the other window to the sky. I loved having my bed right under a second-floor window. Some winter nights I'd open the window just a few inches and then snuggle into the blankets, feeling the chilly night air only on my face. My parents probably would have told me to close the window against the cold since I was letting heat out, but it was worth the risk.

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Karen Lange said...

So that's why the electric bills were high:) Mystery solved.

It was fun seeing the snow the other day. Next time, maybe we can build a snowman with Evan.