Sunday, October 18, 2009

Abba, Father: Lord Jesus

Will I ever touch the very bottom of the well of my Lord's grace towards me? No. There is a song that most of you have probably heard at one time or another, with a part that says "You are more than enough for me". Think about that. We could let God completely and utterly fill and saturate every single part of us, fulfilling every need and being our all-in-all, and be completely satisfied - and still God is more. He isn't a God created for mankind, as if after He has taken care of my problems He sits back and folds His hands to wait and see what my next problem will be and if He is capable of helping me with it. No! He is God! Alpha and Omega, the Holy Creator of all and yet tender enough to handle His loved ones without crushing us. This is hard for me to see (thankfully I have a God who can enlighten my spiritual sight) because I tend to put limitations on God. I cruise along with my defective and incomplete set of notions about Who God is and how He feels about me, and He so kindly steps in and nudges me into the way of seeing Who He truly is. His faithfulness and longsuffering are amazing. That He can look at me and see Christ's redeeming work instead of my putrid rags is something I hope to realize with an ever-deepening awe and adoration. Abba, Father - draw me to You.

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