Saturday, September 5, 2009

Facebook and a whole lot of mind stuff

My apologies. Facebook happened - isn't that enough of an explanation? I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. Well actually, a lot of thinking combined with praying. Am I making ripples in the right pond? Am I where I am supposed to be? One or two people, over the past few years, have been especially persistent with me - tried to get me to go to college. To pursue a career. To not drop art, or worse yet, to not let it slowly and silently fade into some little nook of my life labeled "the past". I wasn't ready then, I maintain that. Am I ready now? I don't know... I really don't. There are two taskmasters reaching for me: writing and art. Art is more of an ogre. Until I am knee-deep into a project (and can see hope for its quality) I tend to avoid it and feel frustration and then guilt for not working on it. Writing is a gentler master --- calling me now and then, and raising its voice especially when I discover someone else's writing that touches me. Both need developing, both have won praise in my life. Do I have to choose? Is either one the right choice? By searching to "reach my potential" am I unknowingly trampling the dear small shoots of purpose that may be emerging right under my nose?

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Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Becky -

I've never seen your artwork, but love the descriptions you used in this post. Poetic and wistful, I sensed the tug you feel toward both art and writing.

Art has never been my gift, but different writing forms have vied for my attention. I dabbled and experimented with all of them. Some fell by the wayside due to lack of interest and minimal ability. The ones that came naturally to me and brought joy eventually came to the forefront.

Who knows, maybe you'll both write and illustrate a book or story.

Susan :)