Monday, September 28, 2009

Countdown to Colorado

In less than one week I am heading to Colorado! How cool is that? Ok, so those of you who will not be going are sitting there rolling your eyes and thinking "Colorado is so dumb. Nobody likes Colorado. I don't want to go to Colorado." Well, I'm sorry folks. But you will have your chance another time! :-) This whole thing was sort of short-notice. I guess about a month or so ago my friend Mary and I started cooking up the plans and decided to run with it. Between plane ticket, rental car, and all the little fuzzy details in between there is a whole lot to keep track of, but if I get stressed about the planning all I have to do is go to and look at the pictures. Man, what a great vacation this will be!


Karen Lange said...

I don't think Colorado is dumb, in fact, I'd really like to go! Now Texas on the other hand...sorry, inside joke...Believing you and Mary will have a fabulous time:)

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Becky -

Colorado is fabulous! If you want to see God's creation in all of its glory, that's the place to go.

Garden of the Gods, Pike's Peak, the great Rocky Mountains, surprising antique shops in the middle to nowhere, standing above the tree line in the snow in May - I could go on and on.

Have a grand time!

Susan :)

Levi Martin said...

Colorado is one of the best trips i have ever been on in my life. I love it!