Sunday, May 15, 2011


This weekend I have experienced several firsts! It was quite a busy and varied weekend. Here is the list of my "firsts":

First 5k run! My time was 28:30 and out of the 40 women in my age bracket, I placed 8th. Next time I plan to be faster, but for my first race I was pleased. There were around 1,000 runners and walkers participating! I was a little nervous but not as freaked out as I thought I would be. The start of the race was exciting, because everyone was waiting en mass for the gun to signal the start. One good thing is that if I looked fidgety, no one need know if it was nerves or me trying to keep my muscles warmed up :-). It also helped to be there with my friend Kendra - her whole family participated either by running or walking.

First Barbecue Festival! The 5k was actually a part of Owensboro's International Barbecue Festival (it's a big deal!). After we ran, Kendra and I got cleaned up and headed out to experience barbecue heaven. Which leads me to my next first...

First taste of mutton! Kendra bought me a mutton barbecue sandwich. Apparently mutton is a big deal at the festival - and it was yummy!

And my last "first": I swished my hands around in the Ohio river. Owensboro, like nearby Lousiville, is on the Ohio, and though I have been on the water, I had never actually gotten wet from the water. The river was way over its banks. It looked sort of funny to see several light poles rising up out of the water near the edge. I can only guess, but I think there must have been some sort of docks or park area down there, all covered with water.

That's all for now. Now I am relaxing and plotting how to get into better shape for my next 5k, whenever that happens :-).
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Karen Lange said...

Congrats on all your firsts! :)